One comment on “Credit to the Creator

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    If you are like me we sometimes look for visions from heaven, miracles, anything to prove God is still speaking to us. We often overlook God is in the commonplace things and people around us. My friend did a wonderful blog on the Creator, which I am re-posted on my blog, and you only have to look at the wonderful photos to see the truth of Gods’ existence. On a recent visit to Dallas we toured the aquarium and it was breathtaking the variety our Creator designed. Exotic birds colored the room while the Sawfish swam above our heads. The crocodiles greeted us and the baby sea horses amazed us; each one so different and yet beautiful.
    I only had to return to my hotel and see all the different people to hear God’s voice speaking to me and my heart was taken to its knees. I asked for forgiveness for all my judgmental thoughts. How could I think God created one size or one color? If ever you are ever in doubt you only have to look around and listen.

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