Photography is about capturing and sharing moments. I have been told that I have an eye for photography. My dad passed on the gene! In fact, I would say that my real venture in photography started when I took a class and borrowed my dad’s film SLR camera! With that said, I always remind myself that the greatest artist[s] created the world. I am merely witnessing Their work and capturing moments They designed in the beginning.  Genesis 1

My primary interest is capturing landscapes and wildlife. I live next to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado and usually take my camera along while I am out hiking or even just driving around. I also enjoy macro photography of wildflowers. Capturing spontaneous moments means that there are occasional photos of just about anything!

Make sure to check out my photo galleries – www.justphotographin.com – as well as click over to the “Behind the Scenes” tab for stories about some of the photos!  There are also some inspirational posts, memories and reflections, and some posts that dive into the technical side of photography.

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